Sky Highlights - October 2016

The Planets
This Month's Guide

Uranus reaches opposition on October 15, 2016

Mercury reaches greatest elongation west on September 28, 2016. Best chance to see the planet in the morning sky this year from northern locations.

Meteor Showers
Draconids meteor shower peaks on October 7th / 8th, 2016
Orionids meteor shower peaks on October 21, 2016

Algol Minima
Algol eclipse dates and times for October 2016

Northern Hemisphere
West:- Venus (mag. -3.9)
Southwest:- Mars (mag. +0.1 to +0.4), Saturn (mag. +0.6)
East:- Uranus (mag. +5.7), Neptune (mag. +7.8)
South:- Uranus, Neptune
West:- Uranus, Neptune
East:- Mercury (mag. -0.8 to -1.2 first half of month), Jupiter (mag. -1.7 second half of month)

Southern Hemisphere
West:- Venus
Northwest:- Mars, Saturn
East:- Uranus, Neptune
Southwest:- Mars
Northwest:- Neptune
North:- Uranus
West:- Uranus, Neptune
East:- Jupiter (end of month)

Deep Sky
Naked eye / binoculars:-
Messier 45 - M45 - The Pleiades (Open Cluster)
The Hyades - Open Cluster
NGC 869 and NGC 884 - The Double Cluster - Open Clusters
Messier 31 - M31 - Andromeda Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy)
Messier 42 - M42 - The Great Orion Nebula (Emission/Reflection)

Small telescopes:-
NGC 457 - Owl Cluster - Open Cluster
Messier 103 - M103 - Open Cluster
Messier 36 - M36 - Open Cluster
Messier 37 - M37 - Open Cluster
Messier 38 – M38 - Open Cluster

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